Major Areas of Research

Development of Underwater Cooperative Communications System based on Network Code.

  • Established a model for various physical environment factors (reflection coefficient, signal attenuation, reflection path, etc.)
  • Established a channel model considering multipath and fading in underwater acoustic communications
  • Design and research of Cooperative Network Coding scheme among the sensor nodes
  • Design and research of Virtual MIMO System among number of buoys and sensor nodes

Development of Transmit Algorithm for Underwater Network

  • Analysis of the effect of the data transmission between marine nodes
  • Research of the marine sensor network data transmission methods considering the power consumption and time delay
  • Analysis and measurement of the network performance according to topology and transmission environment
  • Configuration and Experiment of the test bed to analyze the characteristics of the aquatic environment

Development of the underwater location information management system for SMART buoys

  • Underwater channel modeling and Analysis of the underwater communications environment for multimedia data
  • Development of the algorithm for the 3-dimensional space
  • Proposition and Performance Analysis of the Algorithm for distributed multi-user location information
  • Proposition and Performance Analysis of the multi-user mapping technology using location information

Development of the Communications System and Sensor module for SMART buoys

  • Data collection and definition of the applications concerning the structure and function of the marine IT convergence system for buoys
  • Design of marine IT convergence core module for buoys(LHA, ADC, DAC, MODEM)
  • Manufacture of the core module for marine IT convergence buoys

Manufacture of the testbed and performance analysis of the location control system of underwater objects and complex temperature measuring instrument

  • Research and development of the SPCUO(System for Positioning and Controlling Underwater Object) technique
  • Research and development of the HSCAT(Hardware-Software Complex for Acoustic Thermometry) technique.