Korea-Russia Marine Technology & Information Technology

The Korean-Russia Marine Technology and Information Technology (MT-IT) collaboration project is a joint research effort between Korea and Russia with major focus to design and develop fusion technologies for the high-valued ocean industry and establish industrialization support center.

The affairs of the MT-IT collaboration center are directed by the Chief Executive, Prof. Kiseon Kim who is a leading professor at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology - the leading agency of the center. The collaboration shall exploit the strong ocean science research in Russia and the advance information and communication technology in Korea to produce exceptional marine communication technologies that are expected to add value and advance existing communication infrastructures in the industry.

Research Objectives


The joint research effort is aimed at producing new communication technology... more »

Organizational Structure


The Korea-Russia joint collaboration project is comprises of world-class researchers, engineers, managers... more »

Team Strategy


To achieve our goals we have designed a progressive 3-phase developmental goal involving ... more »